A project about migration in Dortmund/Germany and Boston/USA

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

What is this all about, anyways?

We are three students from TU Dortmund University in Dortmund, Germany. And this is our project in the form of this blog. What the project is about? About immigration and about the question: What is multiculturalism for you? And for us?

Concerning our background: Each of us three students are studying something completely different at TU Dortmund University. What unites us is that we all live in Dortmund and that we are taking the same seminar which is called "America on the Ruhr" at the Institute of American and British Studies. Within that seminar, students try to explore during this summer semester (meaning roughly until early July) how American culture influences life in the Ruhrgebiet , where culture of the Ruhr region influences life in the USA and what that region and that country might have in common.

So the three of us found us asking us one question: How do the USA and the Ruhr region deal with immigration? How do they treat immigrants? What do immigrants say, what and how do they feel? Naturally, comparing one region in Germany and the whole USA seems a bit unbalanced. And a little bit tough to compare, to be honest. Therefore, we picked two cities: Dortmund and Boston. Why Dortmund? Well, we live and study here. Why Boston? Because, frankly, it has about the same size as Dortmund.

So within the course of the next few weeks we want to find out as much as possible about those two cities - especially regarding migration and migrant life in those two cities. In this blog we are going to document our journey, post maps, websites, videos, photos, portraits, numbers and - well, whatever comes across our way.

Of course, that is a kind of ambitious target. So, we are not saying that we can do everything by ourselves. We need some support. From you people out there, especially "you Americans" (because, let's be honest, Boston is indeed a few miles away from Dortmund, some 5,762 kilometres in fact, some 3,580 miles). What is multiculturalism for you? How does it look like in your city? And how does it look like in Boston, Massachusetts?

Spread this blog, comment, post - whatever you like, everything is highly appreciated!

So thanks and we are looking forward to an exciting time with this project!

To go to the German version click the link below:
"Wer sind wir?"

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