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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Portrait : The most multicultural part in Dortmund

We went to the "Quartiersbüro Nordstadt". Even though that name makes you think of urban planning that is not what it stands for! It is a very useful and interesting project of the Dortmund City Council dealing with multicultural coexistence in the Nordstadt. We put together our gathered information and expressions in pictures and text. This is where you can have a look: our portrait of the Nordstadt!

Text: Sophie Hermann
Fotos/Collage: Marie Denecke

Here are some links to different newspaper articles on the Nordstadt which show the many different aspects linked to that part of Dortmund:

"Abstieg in Dortmund"
"Einwanderer in Dortmund - Nordstadt"
"Schließung des Straßenstrichs in Dortmund"
"Gesichter der Nordstadt in Dortmund"


  1. I really loved this portrait of the beautiful Nordstadt :-)
    I think you`re totally right: the Nordstadt has a lot to over......

  2. Abira23. Juni 2012 04:52
    hey guys, just read your portrait of the Nordstadt. U r absolutely right, the north of Dortmund indeed offers a lot of chances to experience multiculturalism. I live more in the south side of Do, but once I am in the North, i enjoy seeing all the different ppl originating from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Mostly they peacefully live and work together as neighbors, having small shops side by side. I appreciate the social cohesion between the immigrants, as they openly seem to share their problems and experiences. Especially in the break time, u often can observe how they join together in front of their shops to have small talks. I must admit, ppl in the Nordstadt, have a strong community sense and are very hospitable towards their customers. Sometimes i wished, there could be sill more institutions promoting and advertising for multicultural meetings....in my opinion experiencing multiculturalism necessarily belongs to every individual`s education. Tolerance, acceptance and the togetherness are in my view important elements of good education and represent man`s highest social qualities, which can be successfully gained when ppl are willing to face multiculturalism.

  3. Hi, I really enjoyed your Portrait of The most multicultural part in Dortmund. I've been to Dortmund a few times but I've never been to the Nordstadt. I am going across again in September so I will definitely make an effort to explore the Nordstadt and maybe even take part in the Nordstadt spielt!